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What is SwapViewer?

  • This proprietary tool is an online service that among its many features performs automated daily market-to-market value computations, payments, scenario analysis, and fair value computations under ASC 820 and GASB 72 that includes Credit Value Adjustments (CVAs).
  • SwapViewer® results are also used to perform the required effectiveness testing under GASB 53 for clients that require hedge accounting.
  • Performs powerful groupings and sub-groupings online, and for clients with multiple complex Credit Support Annexes (CSAs), SwapViewer® will monitor and compute asymmetric thresholds and collateral requirements.
  • Retains historic swap information and documents associated with specific dates so that an institution can easily comply with the Dodd-Frank documentation requirement.
How Does SwapViewer Work?

SwapViewer® is a web-based application with features and functions tailored to a client's swap monitoring program and needs. The basic requirement for account setup is a client's transaction documents; then, we do the rest. SwapViewer®'s primary functions include:

Swap portfolio monitoring

Your entire portfolio of swap positions is viewable behind a password protected portal along with market-to-market valuations, fair value measurements, counterparty ratings, payments and cash flows, and transaction documents.

Risk Management

Clients receive automated email notifications for monthly and quarterly summary reports, ongoing valuations, upcoming payments, collateral events (e.g., if a new collateral amount is required), counterparty rating changes, custom trigger events (e.g., when a transaction reaches a given valuation amount), and options exercise events.

Hedge Accounting Services

Calculations and reporting on hedge effectiveness testing help with disclosure requirements under FASB ASC 815 (FAS 133), ASC 820 (FAS 157), GASB 53, GASB 64, and GASB 72.

Market-tested product Experience

SwapViewer® is automated to handle all manner of transactions, including interest rate swaps, caps, floors, swaptions, callable swaps, barrier (knock-out/knock-in) products, and various energy/commodity derivatives.
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