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The valuations of derivatives transactions provided by PFM are indicative values based on mid-market levels as of the close of business on the date they are provided. These valuations, rate resets, cash flows, payments and any other calculations associated with the derivatives transactions are provided for information purposes only. These valuations do not represent the actual terms at which new transactions could be entered into or the actual terms at which existing transactions could be liquidated. The valuations provided are derived from proprietary models based upon well-recognized financial principles and reasonable estimates about relevant future market conditions. Valuations based on other models or different assumptions may yield different results. PFM believes its valuation and calculation methodology to be consistent with accepted practice in the market for interest rate swaps. Additional information is available on request. Information herein is believed to be reliable, but PFM does not warrant its completeness or accuracy. PFM does not hold a position or act as a market maker in the financial instruments of any issuer discussed herein.

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